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Whether it’s a snack or a full meal that you are in the mood for, you can satisfy your appetite with one of the many delicious selections for our full restaurant menu. Featuring everything from appetizers to freshly prepared main course entrees to delectable desserts, our menu has something for every one and every taste.

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Toast (2) white, brown, english muffin $2.25
Bagel plain or buttered
+ creamcheese
English Muffin with egg, bacon and cheese $4.99
English Muffin with egg, sausage and cheese $4.99
Western Omelet with toast $4.99
Muffins Morning Glory; Banana; Carrot; Blueberry $1.75
Hamburger $5.50
Hot Dog regular $3.75
Hot Dog jumbo $4.50
Nacho & Cheese $5.50
Mac & Cheese $5.25
Soup $4.99
Sandwich Egg Salad; Ham; Roast Beef $5.50


Popcorn $3.25
Caramel Corn $3.25
Potato Chips $1.99
Butter Tart $2.25
Nuts $2.25
Danish $3.25
Brownie $3.49
Gum $1.75
Chocolate Bar $2.25


Coffee small: $1.90
large: $2.10
Tea small: $1.90
large: $2.10
Pop small: $1.90
large: $2.40
Bottled Water $2.99
Bottled Pop $2.99
Chocolate Milk 500mL $2.99
Juice 600mL
Apple; Orange; Cranberry; V8; 5Alive; Iced Tea & Diet Iced Tea


Bingo Dabber $3.25
Scotch Tape $2.25

*All prices subject to tax.

view restaurant menu CLICK HERE to download a copy of our menu. 
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